Welcome to Train2Develop, a Training and Development company.

Train2Develop specialises in training and coaching individuals and teams, who work in the drilling and well intervention service lines, of the oil and gas industry.

Train2Develop provides both technical and non-technical training and coaching, on location and in classroom environments.

Our trainers have a wealth of knowledge, having worked in the field, in the office and in training, across the world. They are also passionate about helping people develop their situational awareness of specific well related problems using our simulators, as well as team building, leadership and decision making skills.

In our most recent project, our trainer was able to determine the learning needs of the crew, based on the specific problems they were encountering on the well. He delivered the needed training, and coached the crew through the next phase of operations, to confirm that the knowledge was learned and implemented correctly.

With the right training and coaching, comes improved morale, grater staff retention and lower incident rates, all of which have a massive impact on a companies reputation and bottom line. Research shows that 96% of incidents are actually due to human error, so that is why we are so passionate about the crews non-technical development.

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